Men's Stack 3/4 Sleeve HOROEKA

Men's Stack 3/4 Sleeve HOROEKA

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You know the drill, our tops are pretty comfortable and functional. With being outside and doing stuff in mind, they are also tough and durable. The fabric is light-weight and the design gives you a full range of motion. The neckline offers fresh styling and improved freedom of movement, with improved airflow where you need it. We've kept the design as simple as possible, eliminating excess seams by reducing panels, to improve comfort and avoid chafing.

The best part, we've been inspired by riding and hiking around Aotearoa, and have decided to bring the native to you. This jersey features hand-drawn graphics representing the Lancewood, a tall native tree otherwise known as the Horoeka.  

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Ride a loose line...
LANCEWOOD: Known as Horoeka, is a tall skinny tree native to New Zealand. It has stiff leaves with irregular teeth, all growing downwards from a central stem. You generally see it in the bush tucked amongst other natives.