We have designed a high quality, well fitting, tough garment that will last when beaten up in the mountains. Its taken some time and some constant tweaking, but we think we are getting there.

Fade resistant, so it looks good for much longer than other fibres. Does not rip easily, its going to last a long time…

We care about our earth. We realised after our first few orders that it is the norm to pack each shirt individually in a plastic bag. This was not cool. We have re-used these bags, and still are. Sorry if your bag is a bit wrinkly it may have had another shirt in it! Now we bulk package for transport. One big bag for multiple items and this also gets re-used. We haven’t thrown a single bag out yet, and now have a good compostable option.


We use compostable courier satchels, and your purchase is wrapped in recycled paper. we are changing our swing tags to recycled card and using compostable string.

We don’t travel to work, and try to bike and walk as much as possible.

We keep our orders small even though its not the most economical option, to avoid making extra products that are then wasted.

We are always thinking of better ways to leave a smaller footprint on our planet.

materials for the future

Not all fabrics are equal, we research and test and aren't always able to use recycled materials in the manufacture of our garments as there is just nothing yet that is recycled that fits the bill. We are currently working with our supplier to source (GRS) Global Recycled Standard materials for future products. This takes time and testing but is important for us. We are committed to doing what we can, when we can.

New Zealand business we work with

R3 Pack - Compostable courier bags

Stirling photography - studio photography

Henry Jaine photography - race/Outside photography

Bellamy Graphics - Signage

Printhouse nelson ltd - tags